The Right Time Is Now

Jun 05, 2020

Divorce “One Day”

Divorce is not a pleasant thing to deal with.  That’s why most people put it to the back of their heads and decide that they will sort it out ‘one day’. 

Usually, that ‘one day’ doesn’t come round for many years.  By then, you may have a new partner who is wondering why you haven’t sorted this sooner, you want to get married again or you can’t find the address for your husband or wife. The point is that there is never a ‘good time’ to get divorced, the best time is as soon as you realise that you want a different life from your spouse and the only way out is a divorce.

A New Life

You will be able to finally turn a new leaf and lead the life you have always wanted to lead with nothing holding you back. 

Until you see your decree absolute (this means that your marriage is over legally) you will be living in limbo.  It’s almost if you carry on living in the past and cannot move forward with your future in a positive way. 

Delaying your divorce can create prolonged arguments and animosity between you and your spouse, which, if you have kids, can have a huge impact on their lives too. Being constantly surrounded by an air of resentment between their parents can take a toll on children, therefore resolving any issues you both have is very important. 

There can be legal and financial implications of not getting unmarried so I would definitely recommend getting it done as soon as possible. 

Get it done sooner rather than later - the unwanted and extra stress of divorcing will be over.  


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