Self Care

Oct 20, 2020

“Quiet the mind and the soul shall speak”

It’s no secret; the first few weeks and often months of a separation or divorce can feel like a never-ending cycle of really, really bad days.  

I know when I was going through divorce, I felt pretty overwhelmed, confused and scared.  There is no easy way to bypass the grief and confusion of a breakup.  But it is possible. 

There are so many ways that you can give yourself some focus each day.  It doesn’t need to cost the earth or anything at all.  Let me know your best tips for taking back that time for yourself.  

I started running, meditating and journaling.  All three gave me some form of release.  I still use these techniques regularly when I hit a difficult time.  

Try one or more of the self care tips I’ve put together.  You don’t need to do them.  Pick one or two that work for you.  

Get out into nature

Go for a walk, sit in your garden and just enjoy the beauty of nature.  Breathe and clear your mind.  Focus on the sunset, butterflies, flowers – anything other than your emotions!

Pamper yourself 

A massage, facial or a new haircut can really help you find some peace.   Enjoy a soak with some Epsom salts, maybe some calming music and meditation.  This will help you relax and de-stress.  Make sure your phone is on silent and the kids are in bed!

Keep a journal

When your relationship comes to an end you can feel really dark and lonely.  It feels like there is nothing positive in the jumble of thoughts in your mind.  Turn that around by writing down 2-3 reasons why you are grateful.  This will rewire your mind for you to think positively even if it is for a few minutes.  Writing a journal can help you process your thoughts; help release emotions and can be useful when you need to make a big decision.  Try and spend at least five minutes a day journaling if you can.  

Connect with yourself 

Spend 5-10 minutes doing something like yoga, meditating or visualisation.  Grab a hot drink and relax in your favourite spot at home or elsewhere.  Just be in the present and enjoy the time for yourself. If nothing else close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  This small step will help you clear your head and help you think more clearly.  

Spend time with friends

Remember that time when you used to enjoy spending time with your friends.  I know that it’s difficult but try and pencil in some time.  Talk, laugh and connect but leave your troubles at home.  


There has been so many studies showing the benefits of exercise on the mind and not just the body.  The release of good endorphins will lighten your mood and make you feel great!

Do something new                                                                                       

 Is there something you have always wanted to do but never got around to it?  It doesn’t have to be expensive or a huge deal.  Something like learning a language, taking up an instrument, writing that book you always thought you would.  A new challenge will give you something positive to think about.

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