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Jun 25, 2019

Recently, I was talking to a friend about stories and why they have such an impact. Whatever their age or background people love to hear stories. It is human nature to reach out and connect with others in a way that invokes shared feelings and experiences. This is communication at its best. Personal stories can lead the audience to react in different ways but also learn a bit more about the storyteller.

 This led me to think about my own story which I have shared with various people along the way. It helped them to get some insight in who I am, why I do what I do and perhaps connect with me in some way.

Maybe we all have a story to tell - here is mine.

I decided that I wanted to be a high flying corporate lawyer at a young age after watching so many episodes of LA Law. I made up my mind and did everything I could to qualify as a solicitor. Throughout law school, corporate law did not align with me as a person so I opted to specialise in family law. I felt I could bring compassion and understanding to my clients who were at a very difficult time in their lives.

I learnt to understand what my clients were going through when I experienced divorce and separation with three young children. We suffered through quite a few turbulent years even though I had knowledge of the legal process. Nothing can quite prepare you for how difficult and emotional it can be.

Fortunately, my ex husband and I managed to work together to agree how we moved forward as two separate individuals with three children in common. We learnt, through much trial and error, to communicate better and to always keep our children's best interests at the forefront of our minds. We were lucky. Our children were able to spend time with both of us with no animosity or resentment. We have been able to spend the children's birthdays and Christmases together. We have been on weekends away and holidays abroad as separated parents of three beautiful girls. Our children have benefitted from the effort that we have both made to treat each other with respect.

My own experience gave me many insights. I wanted to show others that there was a better way to separate and divorce. I wanted to empower couples to work together to reach important agreements that would impact their lives like how often each parent sees their children, where each of them would live and how they could manage on a monthly basis.

I realised quickly that I was passionate about helping couples divorce in a better way. I set up my own business to make sure that my ethos and values were in the forefront when I dealing with clients.

I now coach my clients to communicate better and how to reach agreements together. After all, they may need to interact to make arrangements for their children. I believe in giving my clients knowledge of the process and for them to fully understand the options available to them.

People do not have to incur high legal fees to separate and divorce. It is possible and sometimes, imperative for couples to keep their costs down. I believe it is possible that with some support and guidance, a person can be empowered to be in control of their divorce.

I want to be approachable, knowledgeable and available to my clients at such a difficult time in their lives. I know there is a better way to divorce..




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