The Definitive Guide to an Amicable Divorce without Stress & Huge Financial Cost

Achieve a truly transformative & amicable divorce

Discover the top secrets to help you move through the journey with clarity, strength and knowledge  

Everyone has an opinion on how to deal with divorce. 

Our definitive guide will give you tips and strategies based on years of working with couples that have achieved a truly transformative divorce.  Heal and thrive through your divorce to move on to your new positive life

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Bhavna has been very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive helping me get an amicable agreement.  She understands how to keep things civil to get to the best solution for all parties concerned which is so important when kids are involved. 

Definitely highly recommended. 



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This definitive guide  is packed with tips, helpful suggestions and extra resources. Feel calm, confident and ready for your friendly and amicable divorce journey.
  • Benefit from my experience of clients that have achieved an amicable divorce, myself included
  • Learn how to ensure that your divorce is not hostile, expensive and stressful
  • Use the helpful hints and extra resources to make sure you take the right steps
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I just wanted to thank Bhavna Radia so much for all the great advice I was given.  She has gone out of her way to provide an outstanding quality of service. 

I would highly recommend.   



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