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About Me


I qualified as a specialist family lawyer in 1997 with the ideal of helping the ordinary person through a difficult time in their life.  I understood that clients already suffering from the pain of their family breakdown had the added pressure of dealing with legal and financial aspects of their separation.

My own personal experience of divorce changed my perceptions of what clients need when struggling through the complicated legal process.   The traditional method of resolving issues between a couple seemed to increase the conflict involved and not designed to find a compromise.  


I remember thinking that it would be much better to have one experienced professional help and guide us through the whole process from start to finish instead of battling through two sets of lawyers.  

The idea to set up a unique and different divorce service was planted with a focus on resolving matters for the whole family through discussion and compromise.  

I no longer practice as a solicitor.  Instead I provide assistance and guidance to my clients so that they can reach their own decisions as to their future.  

The divorce process in the UK needs to change towards working together and not against each other.  There had to be a better way to divorce and I think we have found it.